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Daily Archives: 2013/08/14

Breakfast Smoothies

We’re all busy, and many of us find it easy to forgo breakfast, but smoothies represent a great start to the day. You can prep them the night before, and whip them up again as you’re preparing to head out…

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Watermelon Cups with Cucumber Feta Salad

I love summers, and what better time to try this salad and its great presentation? Here’s what you’ll need: one seedless watermelon (although you’ll see from the photo that ours wasn’t so seedless, it still tasted great!) 1 tablespoon (15…

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Elevating Your Minutes

Now that we spent time Deconstructing Your Minutes in yesterday’s blog, let’s turn to how our use of language can elevate them. When preparing minutes, do you sometimes seek inspiration to minimize repetition of verbs used to summarize actions undertaken…

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