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Does the City of Light call your name, or do you enjoy travel to other locales?

As assistants, many of us are responsible for coordinating domestic or international travel for the executives in our workplace and, as Exceptional EA approaches its seventh week of publication, you can anticipate upcoming articles focusing on business travel and assorted strategies and apps.

Keeping an eye to work-life balance, Exceptional EA will also explore the travel we enjoy when we manage to tear ourselves away from the office. Just as some of us work to live, many assistants live to travel; others among us are at a point in life where it’s a case of loving to dream about travel.

Travel takes many shapes and forms, and need not imply roaming far from home. We’ve taken road trips through beautiful British Columbia to expose our family to the beauty of nature, creating vivid memories of not only the Rocky Mountains, but also wine and orchard country in the Okanagan Valley, where the southern tip of the region is home to the northernmost extension of the Sonoran desert. We’ve travelled by ferry to the Gulf Islands to enjoy the seclusion of an oceanfront cottage accessible solely by boat, and enjoyed Whistler’s raw beauty long before the 2010 Olympics were on its horizon … and all this, if you ask my readers in northern BC, is but a sliver of the beauty of our region. Like me, you can no doubt rattle off a list of personally significant travel locales within a five-hour radius of your home.

Just as travel can shape our understanding of the natural world, it can also soothe and restore a weary soul, inform and enlighten … in addition to being tremendous fun once you’ve passed through security systems! Our eyes were opened, wide, the first time we travelled as a family to London, England, which changed our perspectives on having chosen to leave the big city in our early thirties. We encountered tremendous hospitality and warmth in Cork, Ireland’s Garnish House, a B&B situated near the university. Our host could not have been kinder, nor the breakfasts more elaborate, delicious and generous. We plan to return one day, and also look forward to again enjoying the character of a carriage house room with exquisite featherbed at Napa’s Hennessey House, where travellers rave about the friendly hosts, home cooking and daily, late afternoon educational wine and cheese, aka “happy hour” sessions.

Misadventures while travelling are anything but enjoyable at the time, but form part of a family’s travel lore. Weaving our way round bends in the roads of Cornwall, where a North American driver must adapt to both the change in steering wheel location and driving on the opposite side of the road, it’s also good to keep in mind that there’s frequently a stone wall immediately behind the lush greenery at the sharp and sudden bends in the road, which it seems other drivers take incredibly quickly!

Glasgow and Mrs. Walker will forever hold a place in our hearts for incredible kindness as well as for the city’s magnificent train station. In Rome, we learned that a certain centuries-old hotel offers beautiful architecture and a great locale near the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps, but – understandably – not quite so much in the way of soundproofing. Paris, we learned, is far friendlier than its reputation and an earlier experience there imply, and to visit this city on Bastille Day is, to say the least, inspiring.

Share Your Travel Experiences With Exceptional EA

As I write, one colleague and her husband are just days away from departing for a long-planned trip to Italy with a small group of friends. Their itinerary includes taking over a Tuscan villa for a few days and, despite having travelled to Italy before, she has been happily receiving travel tidbits from others in the office for various stops along their tour.

A look back on our travels, and the happy buzz in our office surrounding the upcoming departure for Italy remind me that we have much to learn from one another. To that end, I’m inviting you, dear readers, to post a comment to this article any time you’d like to share with other readers your uplifting travel experiences. Have you stayed in a particularly enjoyable B&B, hotel or campground? Did the kindness of strangers or fellow travellers in a place far from home enrich your experience? Is there a particular gallery, beach, hike, restaurant, running route, theatre, shopping experience, example of architecture, or must see place that you’d like others to know of? What about corporate travel, you say? Why not? Please also feel free to comment with tips about travel in your professional role.

Have a look at or click on the TRAVEL link at the top of your screen and, if you have photos you’d like to share of your travel, please feel free to send me such photos, which – now we get technical – will therein imply your consent to publish such photos if selected for inclusion on Exceptional EA’s Travel page. Thanks for refraining from sending photos in which people are recognisable / identifiable, so that we don’t create any unintended frustrations for anyone.

Happy travel planning, or dreaming, everyone!

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