Tech Tuesday: Password and Login Havens

Password Challenge Copyright Shelagh DonnellyHow many times have you changed you a website or portal password in the past year because you have so many that it’s hard to keep them straight?

You may have your office passwords down pat but, if you’re like me and participate in loyalty programs offered by various hoteliers, airlines and more, it can sometimes be a challenge keeping everything straight. If you also have access to your executive’s password(s), that’s one more layer of responsibility.

Some may rely on passwords that are either simple (Password123456) or intuitive (Myname123!). Or perhaps you developed a password that would be considered moderately strong, but change only the final digit when required to update a password.

While these approaches may arguably be better than having a written list of all login names, passwords and PINs tucked away, there are other options to reduce vulnerability to hacking. You may find downloading a password and information management app to be a good solution.

Dashlane Password Manager & Digital Wallet and Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault are a couple of highly rated apps; click on their names in this sentence to learn more, or simply go to my Technology page and follow the drop-down list of apps.


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