Your Advice, Please

May I have your advice, please, readers?

I’m about to submit some images for an exhibtion, in which up to a maximum of three pieces of each selected individual’s work will be shown. The first time I participated in an exhibit at this gallery, the exhibit committee selected my images of Lion’s Gate Bridge in the fog, reflections of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC (a stark and haunting image), and Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

This year’s exhibit theme is Avocations, with a call for works that reflects contributors’ passions. Some of mine include travel and gardening/florals, and those are joined by a gravitational pull to the beach and bodies of water.

I’ll be submitting not more than five images for consideration. If you have a minute or two to scan these images, I’d be grateful if you’d scroll down to the “Leave a Reply” option at the base of the screen and type in the numbers of up to four of the images below that appeal to you. Thank you!

1. Beachcombing (Whytecliffe Park)Log on Beach 6547 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

2.  Tangles (Jericho Park)Tangles 7935 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

3. Birds of Seven Mile BridgeSeveb Mile Bridge 3163 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

4. Cannon Beach Haystack Rock

5. Spanish Banks WatchSpanish Banks Eve 0934 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

6. Cannon Beach SunsetIMG_6072

7. Market Roses

8. Gardenia

9. Orange Poppy

10. Cypress Pink

11. Red Poppy

12. Red Poppy IIRed Poppy 179 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

24 Comments on “Your Advice, Please

  1. 1 2 4 5. They are all superb though!

    • Thanks, Julia – and don’t mind my request on Facebook. I sent that before seeing you replied here. I appreciate you taking the time!

  2. 1, 2, 4, 7, 9. Beautiful and way too difficult to choose. You definately have an eye for photography. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nicole, hi, and thanks for writing; I appreciate your recommendations. Hope your summer is good, and am looking forward to your RC contribution at your convenience; I know you’ve been busy. 🙂

  3. I personally like 2, 3, 5 and 12.

  4. My top favorites are 4 and 6. Great piece of work! Cheers Diana

  5. 2, 3, 4, 5, and 11. Catherine x

  6. Hi Shelagh, sorry just saw your post today….I think 2,3,4 and 5 are amazing. You have such a good eye.

    • Linda, Hi, and thanks so much for this! I did submit my three (it was limited), and will keep you posted as to whether any are accepted. Hope your holiday was great. 🙂

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