Finding Your Voice in Meetings

Hands up, please, everyone who loves preparing minutes. If you enjoy all aspects of recording meetings, and are good at it, then that’s worth celebrating and your employer should value you greatly. If you sometimes find capturing and then disseminating these critical documents in a timely manner, know that you’re in good company.

Exceptional EA offers insights on minutes, and you’ll find a few articles published in the drop-down menus under Your Career/Minutes. Today, I’ve added to this series with Own Your Role as a Recorder.

Have You Found Your Voice in Meetings?

Copyright Shelagh Donnelly… or do you sometimes remain stoically silent despite the fact that you have insights or questions that would contribute to successful outcomes? Is it appropriate in your environment for you to raise questions, or to correct mistaken assumptions?

I’ve written this after talking with some assistants who struggle with determining the appropriateness of speaking up during meetings, and what to do about ensuring you capture outcomes when discussions are muddy. Equally important, what can you do about the low talker in your meetings?

If you’d like to explore this more, and consider how to find your voice and own your role in a room of professionals,  click here  to read the article

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