Weekend Poll Results: Guess Which Social Media Channel Readers Most Use?

With thanks to all my readers who are participating in my Weekend Polls feature, here are the results to last Friday’s poll, which I’ve now closed. The question: 

What forms of social media do you use?

The ask: Participants were provided a list (and an option to indicate they do not use social media), and were asked to identify which social media channels they use

The results

LinkedIn came out on top, edging out second place Facebook and Twitter by two percent. Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and XING – a business network for 14+ million German speaking users – are also on the radar.

While it could be tempting to attribute the 0% response rate to “NONE – I don’t use social media” to the fact that all of us use some form of social media, I’d suggest otherwise. I know a number of savvy admin. professionals who are at the top of their game and not engaged in social media.

Why is that? Anecdotally, I’d suggest that privacy ranks up there for many who choose not to use social media. For others, it’s a case of uncertainty:

  • How do I use it?
  • I don’t understand the terminology. What are connections, DMs, RTs, social plug-ins? Aren’t degrees something you earn at college or university?
  • Who can see my profile?
  • Are my comments, pictures or messages seen only by those I intend, or will others be able to view them?
  • How is this relevant to me?
Do you have questions or advice on using social media? 

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 Over the course of the next couple of months, Exceptional EA will explore various social media channels. Together, we’ll explore why an individual tool may or may not be relevant to you, and how to overcome the trepidation that can arise when trying something new.

If you have questions about social media, or would like to share your experience, I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to participate anonymously, click on the “Leave a Comment” option at the top of this screen.

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It’s September and, all around us, people are heading back to school and exposing themselves to new ideas. Let’s see where our social media explorations take us this Fall.


       Participants were asked to select as many of the following options as was appropriate

      LinkedIn 24%
      Facebook 22%
      Twitter 22%
      Pinterest 12%
      Instagram 8%
      Other* 8%
      Google+ 4%
      NONE – I don’t use social media 0%

* Other: respondents identified “Xing (Germany)/XING”, “WordPress” and “blogger”

This Friday: another poll

Check back this Friday for the next weekend poll, and share your insights with readers around the globe.


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    • Right! Increasingly, I see people using LinkedIn for discussions and info sharing within peer groups as well as staying connected or for recruitment purposes.

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