Weekend Poll: Do You Celebrate Halloween?

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another Weekend Poll – and, this week, we’re shifting to a lighter topic.

Halloween - Witch Hitting the Wall 1 Copyright Shelagh DonnellyGrowing up in Canada, Halloween was a major event, and trick-or-treating was the order of the day … usually in home made costumes and as soon as it was dark outside. We’d tear from house to house in states of organised chaos, with a parent always watching over us.

Those of us who started life in the east used small apple cartons with very convenient handles. By the time you were in grade two or so, you’d usually graduated to a pillow case to reflect your expanded territory.

In those days, we didn’t knock on doors or ring doorbells; we simply shouted a chorus of “Trick or treat!” in order to nab the homeowners’ attention. The really tough customers, we thought, were those who asked us to perform tricks (singing a song, telling a joke, or anything we could think of) in order to earn the treat.

We were always warned against dipping in to any of the treats before returning home and dumping the contents of our pillow cases for inspection. Safety first … and, sometimes, a bit of quality control testing on the part of the parental units.

Pumpkins Copyright Shelagh DonnellyPumpkins are a big part of the event. You want to scoop out their innards and carve them a day or so before the big night, so that they have a chance to dry out for the candle you’ll insert. The jack-o-lanterns go on your front porch or steps, and serve as a signal to trick-or-treaters that you’re in business. When you’re out of candy, or tired of running to and from the front door, you just extinguish the candle.

Scottsdale Restaurant at Halloween Copyright Shelagh DonnellyOnce you’d hit your teens and onward, Halloween was the perfect occasion for a dance or other party – and, no matter how cool you thought you were, The Monster Mash had everyone out on the dance floor.

By the time we had kids, there were multiple opportunities for ghoulish celebrations for people of all ages. The use of doorbells now outweighs lung power for many trick-or-treaters, but I think many adults enjoy dressing up even more than the kids. As you’ll see in the picture I took at a great Scottsdale restaurant (left,) with the lovely creature in pink, Halloween and Día de Muertos are good for business.

Halloween - Ghost Decor

Families also enjoy dressing up their homes and yards. The house at the top of your screen, and the one here with a ghost and a ghoul, in our neighbourhood , are fairly tame samples. Each year there’s also media coverage of families who “go to town” decorating extensive displays and collecting donations for good causes from visitors. 

Halloween Cards

Though you won’t ever see me buying one, you’ll even find Halloween greeting cards in stores these days. It seems that the event gets bigger every year, with the physiological and inner children in many neighbourhoods gearing up for Halloween. This leads to my question:

Do people celebrate Halloween in your community?


Thanks for taking a minute to join others around the globe in completing the poll below. If you plan to dress up for October 31st, feel free to use the “comment” option at the top of the screen to tell us what or who you’ll be. I look forward to hearing what you have tho say, and will publish the results on Monday.

“Select” the response that applies to you, and remember to CLICK on the “VOTE” ICON.

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