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Cannon Beach Corgis 15-6384 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

7 Comments on “Friends

    • Aren’t they, though? We’re big dog people, but these two and their many counterparts were hilarious.

      • We are looking for a small dog. Hopefully in the next few months. 🙂

      • Oh, nice. Do you like daschunds? I understand they *think* they’re big dogs.

      • I like corgis actually! Pembrokes. But I think we will get a rescue of a smaller variety. I don’t really care for daschunds. They are too yippy lol

      • Oh, then you will really want to check out Corgis Day at Cannon Beach one day, Laura. I’ve known only two daschunds, a long time ago, and thought them lovely. Good on you two for going the rescue dog route; some little pooch will have a lovely kitchen and family. 🙂

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