My December Challenge for You: Are You Ready to Take it On?

Have you done something helpful lately for someone in your network?

Keyboard Copyright Shelagh DonnellyNetworking is not a one-way street, nor should it be. I’ve written before about networking, and a request from one of my readers last week prompted me to question how much I’d done lately for others in my various networks.

With December and a number of events now well underway,  it’s easy to focus on the parties and social  buzz.

Today’s Challenge

I’d like to challenge you to take a bit of time to also offer up a bit of tangible professional support for those in your network. How? There are a number of options, but why not begin with carving out five or 10 minutes a day for the next few days to pop in to your contacts’ LinkedIn profiles?

Learn a bit more about your fellow professionals, check out the skills in which they take pride … and endorse them for two or three to which you can legitimately attest.

Allocate 10 Minutes a Day Until You Wrap Up 2015

Being the time management expert that you are, and with many of us having at least a week and a half before we begin holidays, why not allocate 10 minutes a day to offering such professional recognition to your peers? How much headway can you make, and what more meaningful way to acknowledge your peers?

How about it: are you in?

10 Comments on “My December Challenge for You: Are You Ready to Take it On?

  1. Brilliant idea and it takes so little time to do this. Thanks for putting this “Holiday Challenge” in front of us all!

    • You’re most welcome, Bianca, and I appreciate you writing and acting on the challenge. Am delighted with your feedback and all the similar messages today on Twitter.

      Let’s celebrate one another, and recognise peers’ professionalism!

  2. I’m always in. I try to comment on people’s blogs, I operate a camera club and am always trying my best to not expect people to look at my posts without me seeing what they do. It’s hard sometimes because of all the social media I’m involved with but I do my best.

    • Thanks, Laura, and I know you are one of those who are consistently supporting others and offering recognition where due. Your “best” is pretty impressive!

  3. Thanks for the challenge and opportunity Shelagh! I am enjoying winding down tonight and looking deeper into network profiles, and providing recognition.

    You are a networking leader, and I consider you a team leader for the Real Careers network you have created.

    Many thanks to you!

    • You’re very welcome, Barb. I’m delighted you’re winding down, and enjoying the reviews and providing well deserved recognition.

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I will try to live up to them!

      With regards,

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