How Lucy Brazier and Matthew Want Achieve Career, Organisational Success

I consider myself fortunate. In the space of  less than six months, I’ve shared with readers my virtual trips to seventeen countries – and the wisdom of  dozens of admin. professionals who have generously articulated their views on career challenges and successes, on professional development and networking, and much more.

I have more Real Careers articles teed up for the new year but, as this year draws to a close, it seems an ideal time to also explore the other part of the equation. Why not, I thought, turn to pairs of professionals who are getting this business partnership piece right?  Why not visit some more with high performing assistants I’ve already interviewed, but invite their executives or principals to the table with them this time?

Real Partnerships explores, from both sides of the desk, the dynamics that make for a successful business partnership. I’m delighted to begin with a two-part interview with Lucy Brazier and Matthew Want. Click here for part one, and check back during the week for part two.

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