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All right, so we have only a few days left until the big event. If you’re looking for some ideas for hostess or other gifts, Exceptional EA is here to help.

Join the Colouring Craze

Colouring Books for Gifts Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

My husband looked at me as though I’d lost my mind when I picked up a couple of colouring books along with some pencil crayons and felts for gifts to other adults, but those in the know will have seen multiple takes on this.

Colouring Copyright SB

 One was for a “secret Santa” gift exchange at an early December party with friends from the office. Sandra, who picked this gift, was (as she always is) incredibly gracious when one of the other party-goers nabbed the colouring book and pencil crayons and made her way to the dining room table to begin colouring. A couple of us (yours truly included) joined in the fun, which I really did find relaxing. We limited our rude intrusion on our friend’s gift to one page and Sandra later texted me the photo above, as she and her significant other also joined in the colouring fun after the party.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the kids’ photos in the background of this pic, that was a new idea we tried out for this year’s get-together. Everyone anonymously contributed a childhood photo and then we had quite the time trying to match up the young faces with the adults we now know.

Colouring Gifts Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Colouring outside the lines is permitted, you know: However, if you’re shopping for someone who is a perfectionist, you may want to think twice about colouring books. I know at least one person who picked up a colouring book but lost interest after a few slips of the pencil crayons.

The range of books is broad, and I know at least one Outlander aficionado who is hoping someone leaves a colouring book with images of Jamie beneath her tree.

My only little niggle with this popular 2015 trend? The price gouging I believe is happening with pencil crayons and felts. I can understand paying just over $20 Canadian for artists’ quality pencils, such as the Prismacolor brand, but have seen prices shooting up (even as supplies diminish) for standard quality pencils and felts kids use for school projects.

Zentangle Gift Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Zentangle: Zentangle is an entirely different product. Your gift recipient works with square tiles, a pen and pencils, and there are no predetermined outcomes. I first learned about it from Siri of Zentangle Kelowna, and you can learn more about its origins from developers Maria and Rick on their site.

Zentangle Ides

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