Gift Ideas: Linens

If you’re looking for some ideas for hostess or other gifts, Exceptional EA is here to help.

Linens for All Interests

I think I’m not alone in being delighted with a gift of linens, fine or fun. When you’re buying linens, you may well be supporting a boutique or small business owner – which, along with Pottery Barn, is where I tend to find some of my favourites.


Who doesn’t like to dress up their table? Would someone on your list appreciate a new set of placemats for their kitchen, dining or patio table? We spend more than a few summer evenings at the beach each year, and that often involves barbequing. A couple of years ago, we acquired a nice new picnic basket as well as the placemats at the top left for those occasions.  They wash up beautifully and look equally great on waterfront logs and our dining room table.


Tea Towels

Here are some tea towels that make lovely little gifts on their own, or as the starting point for a gift package.

.Linens for Wine Lovers Copyright S Donnelly

I bought the tea towels above in Cannon Beach, Oregon this summer. The one on the right, with the slogan, “This wine is making me awesome!” was calling out to me as a gift for a colleague who appreciates a bit of cheeky fun.

Do you have a gardener on your list? You may want to go with a simple yet elegant botanical, or a bright and cheery one such as the tomato-themed tea towel above; it also makes a great gift for the cook on your list. You can find loads of floral tea towels and linens and, if those just don’t seem right for your recipient, you may want to consider contemporary, geometric patterns.

Are you shopping for an animal lover? The sea turtles above may also appeal to the tropical traveller on your list, while the cats above right may well appeal to feline fans.

Sometimes, it’s nice to receive a gift that doesn’t necessarily reflect the season. I wasn’t about to resist the cheery, chirpy birds above left, and the bee linens would be a great accompaniment to a jar of speciality honey, or some home made jams. If you’re like me, you may know some who appreciate the intent behind receipt of a gift wrapped in such linens, rather than paper that will ultimately make its way to the landfill.

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