Gift Ideas: Soaps

If you’re looking for some ideas for hostess or other gifts, Exceptional EA is here to help. So far, we’ve touched on colouring books (yes) and linens; now lets look at soaps.

An Invitation to Pampering

So many varieties; so many scents. Before shopping for soaps, you’ll want to consider whether your recipient has scent sensitivities. If that isn’t an issue, choosing the right scent for your recipient can be half the fun. Take a few minutes in a local boutique, gift shop or a major store’s cosmetics department, and you’ll find options that are produced regionally and around the world.


Belle de Provence soaps are among my favourites. They produce some gorgeous fragrances, and the soaps – made with vegetable and palm oil bases enriched with shea butter and almond oil – are both gentle and long lasting.

L’Occitane En Provence also has lovely soaps and I’ve found, from shopping at our neighbourhood L’Occitane, that you’ll leave the store feeling great. Whether you’re splurging on a special boxed set or a $6 soap for a stocking stuffer, the staff take care in wrapping your selection just so. For those who don’t look forward to gift wrapping, that’s an added bonus.L'Occitane soaps


You may want to go the decorative route for powder rooms. If you do, you’ll find no shortage of options.


No Nonsense, But Lovely Quality

This Swedish sea salt soap is neutral smelling and soft on your skin. I know men who like the soap so much that they now forgo shaving cream and, instead, lather some of this Havssalt Tval up in a shaving bowl – which, along with a shaving brush, would be a great accompanying gift.

Sea Salt Soap

For the Traveller on Your List

There are times, when travelling, that you don’t have access to lovely hotel soaps. It’s nice to be able to bring products with you without being weighted down. If you’re shopping for a traveller, have a look around for soap leaves. Your traveller can open the compact container and slip out a single sliver-thin disc, which will lather up in her/his hand when warm water is added.

Travel Soaps

Not in the soap category, but not that far off either, are facial blotting tissues. If you’re looking for something for long distance travellers, just imagine how pleased they’ll be to have a packet of facial blotting tissues to tuck in in the carry-on bag.

Facial Blotting Tissues

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