Stuck in a Career Rut or Plateau, and Want to Move Forward?

It can happen to the best of us. We become stuck in a rut or on a plateau, for different reasons.

Some may find they’ve reached the pinnacle of opportunities within their organisation, while others find their role no longer challenging or stimulating. If it seems as though you could perform the role in your sleep, that impression may soon permeate the atmosphere around you.

At the other end of the spectrum, many admin. professionals keep adding to their to do lists. Some do so to demonstrate initiative, abilities and loyalty, while others do so because they find it difficult to say “no”. Whatever the cause, there’s a price to be paid, and you may find yourself increasingly working late hours, or from home. Lunch breaks become something other people do. This can lead to burnout, in part the result of taking care of others’ needs while ignoring our own.

In Taking Control of Your Career,  I touch base on different paths that bring us to such ruts and plateaus. However you arrived at yours, the risks include becoming a negative presence in your office and at home.

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Care Enough About Yourself to Make a Change

You likely already know it’s time to do something about whatever’s holding you down, but what should you do? Have a look at at my article, Taking Control of Your Career: Moving Past Your Plateau, and see if it helps with your development of a plan to move forward.

2 Comments on “Stuck in a Career Rut or Plateau, and Want to Move Forward?

  1. Excellent article Shelagh! Im one of those that just keep on adding to my TO-DO list! But I love my job and am passionate about my career. And it is always nice to accomplish what I set out to do….

    • Thanks, Susan. I think that many who are passionate about their career have that same tendency to continue adding to their to-do lists. The trick is keeping a balance between career accomplishments and personal life, yes?

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