Ready for Spring Cleaning? Announcing #DebsDrawers2

It started last year with my Real Careers interview with Debs Eden of Bristol, England. Debs told me, “My work colleagues love my drawer – tights, medicines, glasses cleaner, full make-up bag, business cards (mine and Darren’s), cables, thank you cards ….. I regularly hear people say ‘Debs will have that‘.”

A high performing PA who also has a sense of humour, Debs gave me a photo of one of her well-equipped drawers to illustrate the point. Equally cheeky, and struck by readers’ reactions to the photo on social media, I decided last Fall to host a little fun on Twitter.

Asking followers, “What’s in YOUR desk drawer?”, I invited them to tweet their best dressed drawer pics with the hashtag “DebsDrawers”. This bit of lighthearted fun turned into great incentive for some to clean up and organise their office drawers (hurray for improved productivity), while others took the challenge as an opportunity for creativity. The entries were so varied, and fun, that I invited Debs to adjudicate winners in a few categories. That led to readers Catherine and Kelly graciously offering up some lovely prizes, and we announced the winners via Twitter.

Introducing #DebsDrawers2

With Spring in full bloom, is it time to check your office organisation? You’ll see my desk drawer above, and I’ve tweeted that image to launch this round. I have no prizes on offer but, if you’d like to enjoy a bit of friendly fun, turn to Twitter to show fellow readers your working style. Be sure to include the following in your tweet:  @ExceptionalEA @debs_eden Here’s my #DebsDrawers2 entry

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