Weekend Poll: Bullying in the Workplace

Real Careers alumna Jennifer Corcoran sent me a Direct Message (DM) on Twitter early last week to suggest that we discuss bullying through one of my weekend polls. During the course of our subsequent DM conversations, it became apparent that this is a topic of significant interest in at least the UK. The same day I committed to Jennifer that I’d raise the topic, two other readers relayed related requests to me via Jennifer.

What is Bullying?

When we think of bullying, the mind often turns to the schoolyard. If you do an online search for a definition of the term, you’ll find multiple references to childhood and adolescent behaviour. There, you’ll find definitions of bullying referring to “a child or adolescent with greater social capital or power pushing around a child perceived as subordinate”.


We recognise, though, that bullying can take a number of forms. Take the schoolyard out of the equation, and consider the key elements: someone with greater social capital or power pushing around a person perceived as a subordinate. Many would suggest that intent and repetition are two other elements. This leads us to this Weekend Poll:

Have you been bullied in the workplace?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results next Tuesday.

“Select” whichever responses apply, and remember to CLICK on the golden “VOTE” ICON AFTER EACH QUESTION.

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