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Daily Archives: 2017/02/14

Coming Friday: The Conclusion to My Series on Dismantling Admin. Stereotypes

This Friday, we’re wrapping up my Winter 2017 series Check back Friday for the last in this panel series, in which Real Careers alumni Craig Bryson, Bianca Constance, Craig Harris, Declan Halton-Woodward, Jennifer Robson, Matthew Want, James Sobczak and Louise Whitehead have discussed…

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Weekend Poll Results: Stereotypes of the Admin. Profession

With thanks to all who participate, here are the results of my latest weekend poll. Our focus: stereotypes of the admin. profession 96.71% of respondents have encountered stereotypes  Those most frequently noted relate to a perceived lack of education and credentials, and to…

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A thought for your day, with my good wishes on this Valentine’s Day …

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