#12DaysOfAdminProfessionals: Celebrating Career Assistants

If you missed yesterday’s post, I’m encouraging readers to spend the next 12 business days celebrating fellow assistants and admin. professionals … and people are responding.

How? You might be among those giving or receiving LinkedIn endorsements, or social media shout-outs with the hashtag, #12DaysOfAdminProfessionals.


Your network is as small or expansive as you want it to be

… and I’m impressed by the global nature of our community. Take, for example, one of the tweets that went out yesterday came from Brazilian-born Norwegian Julia Schmidt. In her tweet, Julia applauded Brit Paula Harding alongside Americans Jennie Cormier, Kemetia Foley and Debbi Shaffer.

Are you in, but not a fan of social media?

Not a fan of social media? Not to worry. As suggested, we can also acknowledge one another’s skills and dedication by email, phone or in person.

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