Weekend Poll: Goal Setting for 2018

While some readers may be luxuriating in tropical locales, many of us are well and truly already in the thick of things back at our respective offices.

Now that the majority of readers are back to (or approaching) routine once again, it’s time to kick off my first Weekend Poll of 2018 … and, if you’re among those who formulated a resolution or two as last year drew to a close, you’re probably in good company. Whether you refer to these as resolutions or goals, I’m talking about identification of some result(s) you want to achieve … and that leads to this weekend’s question. Are you ready?

Have you established goals for 2018? If so, how are you doing two weeks in?


Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results next Tuesday. Select whichever responses apply, and remember to CLICK on the “VOTE” ICON after responding to each question.

One Comment on “Weekend Poll: Goal Setting for 2018

  1. Metrics is always more challenge when setting professional goals beyond be the “attend x & implement 1-2 new ideas”. Would be interested in specifics others used successfully.

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