Best of Real Careers: Dalya Perry-Bernstein

Believe it or not, I’ve been publishing Exceptional EA for more than five years now. Many of you have been following me since 2013, and I appreciate all my readers – many of whom have become dear friends.

In addition to offering you countless articles and daily quotes, it’s an ongoing pleasure to stay in touch with readers around the globe through my Weekend Polls and …

My Real Careers Series

I’ve been publishing interviews with high performing assistants from around the globe – 23 countries and counting! – for almost as long. I published the first such interview with Anel Martin on June 23, 2015.

I have more new Real Careers interviews coming your way, including next week’s interview with Wisconson’s Erin Floss.  In between new interviews, however, I’ll also regularly re-introduce you to some of the many wonderful women and men I’ve interviewed to date.


Life does not stand still

… and so some of the people I’ve interviewed have made significant life changes since they were interviewed. Marriages, career changes, babies, sabbaticals and even moves to different countries and continents have unfolded for some people since I first interviewed them.

Rather than rewrite history when I bring these interviews forward for repeat visits, I’ll be presenting these interviews as originally published.


The Best of Real Careers

There’s inspiration and sage advice to be found in these interviews, and so I hope you continue to enjoy them. Today, we’ll begin with my July 2015 interview with Dalya Perry-Bernstein, DipPA, FEPAA, AMInstLM.

Click here to see my Real Careers interview with Dalya, who lives not far from Liverpool City Centre in England.

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