Weekend Poll: Where Will You Travel in 2019?

Poll responses received on or before February 6/19 have been included in the results, which you can find by clicking here!

The weather outside is frightful … or, it has been for some readers. We’ve had it easy in Vancouver, where Spring bulbs are well above soil level and it was just an umbrella I needed yesterday.

A mere 3,540 km (2,2200 miles) to the east, though, our country’s capital city of Ottawa was the coldest capital city on the planet last weekend. In parts of the US, a polar vortex – which translates to extreme cold weather – has begun to ease. In Chicago, Fireboat Engine Two was put in to service to crush ice in the frozen Chicago River. Across the pond, people in the UK braced themselves for cold and snow – which has fallen in some areas, causing rail, car and flight delays.

In Australia, that country recorded its warmest January on record – and the warmest of any month on record! There, temperatures have reached mid-40s Celsius (113-ish Fahrenheit), while New Zealand readers have been waking up to mid-30s Celsius. That’s a slightly more modest 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may be enjoying pleasant or at least more moderate conditions but, for many, the weather at this time of year can prompt renewed focus on holiday travel plans.

It’s a given that many assistants book a great deal of corporate travel, and all that savvy comes in handy when it comes to planning your own travel experiences – whether it’s for a conference, or personal/family travel. I’ll be be crossing the pond once again this year, and will also present at conferences in Atlanta, Georgia (more on that one to follow) and near Washington, DC .

I know that some of you have already made January escapes to either tropical locales or snow-capped mountains. With this sometimes harsh month now behind us, I’m posing this question for the fourth consecutive year …

Will you travel and explore the globe this year?lifes-a-beach-1638-copyright-shelagh-donnelly

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results next week.

YesYes, and I've already taken my first trip of the yearNo
Personal (leisure)Bleisure (adding personal travel on to business travel)ConferenceBusiness other than conference
Yes; I do so occasionallyYes; I do this whenever I canNo
DomesticInternationalBoth (I'm attending more than one conference)
AdventureArts / cultureClimate / weatherFamily / friendsBucket list / sights of interestProfessional development - conference, networkingRelaxation / decompressSense of safetyTravel logistics - available time, ease of connections, etc.
None< $1K US$1,001 - $2,500 US$2,501 - $5K US$5,001 - $10K US$10,001 -$15K US$15,001 - $20K US> $20KUS
None< $1K US$1,001 - $2,500 US$2,501 - $5K US$5,010 - 10K US$10,001 - $15K US$15,001 - $20K US> $20K US
Recommendations from friends, family, peersReviews from a trusted sourceAdvertising/promotion

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