Denise Delamain: Insights from London

For this week’s Real Careers interview, I’m talking with Denise Delamain of London, England.

Denise-Delamain-England-RCImagine, if you will, living less than 20 minutes from where you were born. Imagine, too, working your way up the ranks within the same company where you began your career as part of a youth employment program 31 years earlier!

These are the experiences of my latest Real Careers interviewee, Denise Delamain. Denise lives in London, England, and so it’s entirely logical that she’d not want to leave!

To read this newest of my Real Careers interviews,  click here. 

About Real Careers: I interview assistants – women and men from 23 countries to date – who have expertise and insights to share.

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