World Admin Summit 2020

Did you know there’s a World Admin Summit?

There is, and delegates will meet in Wellington, New Zealand from August 30th to September 1, 2020 for the 11th WA-Summit, as it’s known.

The WA-Summit is a working meeting of administrative professionals that’s held once every two to four years. This is not a conference; it’s a global meeting with delegates from countries around the globe. Up to three formally appointed delegates from every country may attend.

Eth Lloyd of the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc. (AAPNZ) chairs the WA-Summit Advisory Council.

WA-Summit Survey:

The purpose of the World Admin Summit

As explained on its website, “The purpose of this global meeting is to … guide, influence and positively develop the profession. This meeting is focussed on discussing topics of importance to all administrative professionals around the world. The topics are gathered through a global survey of those working in the profession, seeking matters that are reflective of the critical issues facing all administrative/office professionals. The topics discussed lead to an Outcomes document and feed into Administra The World Action Plan which is for administrative professional associations and individuals. Administra is a set of guidelines and not rules.”

The survey closes on December 6, 2019

WA- Summit is seeking your input on or before December 6/19

The Advisory Council is seeking input on topics the delegates to the 11th WA-Summit should discuss next year. It’s created a survey to determine “… what you believe are the most important issues facing administrative professionals in today’s world.”

I’m not a member of the Advisory Council. I am, though, happy to share word of its survey. You can contribute your views by clicking here or copying and pasting the survey URL – – to your browser.

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