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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Career tips for 2020 and beyond: Tip Three

Are you ready for Tip Three? Don’t let your job title or others’ perceptions of you define or limit your view of yourself or your career prospects. Establish short- and long-term career goals. Remember, though, that goals are meaningless without…

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Career tips for 2020 and beyond: Tip Two

Here’s Tip Two Invest effort in understanding your employer’s operating environment. Be familiar with the strategic plan, or at least your unit’s deliverables, and with sector and economic conditions. The more broadly you read, the better you’ll understand and speak…

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A thought for your day, featuring photography from my travels. This shot: a Paris doorway

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Career Tips for 2020 and beyond: Tip One

Can you believe we’re already about to close the books on January? By this point in the year, you’re accustomed to hearing from me with a Weekend Poll about goal setting – and that particular poll would of course include…

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