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Daily Archives: 2020/02/06

Weekend Poll: Professional Associations & Networks

For the fourth consecutive year, I’m asking readers about your professional associations. Take a couple of minutes to add your voice to the results.

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Weekend Poll Results: Setting Boundaries

With thanks to all who participated in my latest Weekend Poll, we’re looking at whether assistants maintain or blur boundaries between their business and personal lives. This is the fourth year we’ve looked at this topic This marks the fourth…

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Career tips for 2020 and beyond: Tip Seven

R-e-s-p-e-c-t If you want your colleagues to respect you, demonstrate self-respect and the capacity to establish and maintain boundaries – hard as the latter can be. When it comes to establishing and maintaining boundaries, that’s the focus of my latest…

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A thought for your day, featuring photography from my travels. This shot: orchids in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

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