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Daily Archives: 2020/03/19

The pandemic’s impacts on assistants around the globe

More of Shelagh’s conversations with professional association leaders around the globe In yesterday’s post, I brought you opening thoughts from leaders of international and domestic professional associations. Today, we’re looking at the pandemic’s impacts on assistants and others, whether you’re…

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Communicating remotely? Tips on TEAMS

Are you or some of your colleagues working remotely and sorting out how best to communicate? Have you heard of others using MS Teams software, but you’re not sure how to get your colleagues (or yourself) started? Meet Mary Johnson,…

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A thought for your day, featuring photography from my travels. This shot: Spring time in Kitsilano!

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Pandemic insights from professional association leaders

A global check in I live in Vancouver, Canada and published an article yesterday, May you live in interesting times, providing a look at some of the pandemic’s impacts where I live. That post also included a link to a timely…

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