Join Shelagh Jan 12th for your 2021 career kick-start

Shifting focus

The COVID-19 pandemic has now been impacting lives for almost a year. However your own career has been impacted, you likely know of other assistants who’ve been forced to deal with workload increases or decreases, furloughs or outright job loss.

Assistants who remain employed, or who have created or found new roles, have adjusted to remote or hybrid working, or to communicating with colleagues, clients and suppliers who are functioning remotely.

It’s been a time of challenges, uncertainty and learning opportunities. Individuals and employers have done what they can to make it through 2020, frequently functioning in a reactive state.

Ready to shift to an increasingly proactive state?

If you’re ready to shift to an increasingly proactive mode and are keen to nurture both personal and career resilience, join me on January 12th for this pragmatic and positive session. We’ll look at being intentional in our focus, and planning to do more than simply making it through this year ahead.

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What to expect on Tue, Jan 12th: key learning points

• Environmental scan: we’ll look at the pandemic’s impact on workplace trends and expectations

• Nurturing your personal resilience and making positive impacts on your organisation’s resilience

• Taking a proactive approach to your 2021 career: why and how to establish meaningful goals

Quality and value – $55 US for this pragmatic and positive session

Attend live, interactive webinar and/or access the recording

I design my webinars to be interactive. You’ll be invited to participate in live polls, and to contribute comments and questions.

Sometimes, though, it’s impractical to attend live sessions. Through my webinars, I’ve had the privilege of working remotely with assistants in multiple countries, time zones and continents in 2020. When time zones or schedule conflicts make attending a live webinar challenging, assistants register knowing they can access the session recording at their convenience.

PDF companion workbook and certificate of participation

I believe we gain from our investements of time and money in professional development both in the moment, and when we make the time to reflect on ideas and concepts. Challenge yourself after the fact with my companion workbook, and identify your goals and commitments to yourself.

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