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Views and opinions

The views and opinions expressed on this website are those of the author. Real Careers interviews and panel series reflect the perspectives and opinions of administrative professionals featured in such interviews.

Opinions and views expressed on social network posts tagging Exceptional EA, and those shared by Exceptional EA, are solely those of the party with whom the content originated.

Travel and product reviews

Increasingly, travel reviews and stories can reflect experiences that are sponsored by the provider mentioned in a given article. In such instances, the sponsorship will be clearly indicated with a disclosure statement at the conclusion of the article. Such sponsorship does not influence the content, stories, photos or posts made on this website. Perspectives are entirely Shelagh’s, and you can rely on this site for straightforward, honest reviews.


All original photography is © Shelagh Donnelly. All photography not taken by Shelagh Donnelly is provided either (a) by provision of Real Careers interviewees, with such interviewees’ confirmation that Exceptional EA’s use of such photos does not infringe upon any copyrights or (b) used with permission. Special requests for photo credits shall be granted and honoured.

Readers’ comments and participation in Weekend Polls

When readers participate in Exceptional EA’s Weekend Polls, their input is gathered without communication of respondents’ identities to Exceptional EA. There is an exception; when readers choose the “Leave a Comment” option on a given Weekend Poll (or any other article), they will be prompted to provide their name.

When you post comments on articles, and/or participate in Exceptional EA’s Weekend Polls, you are granting Shelagh Donnelly and Exceptional EA perpetual, non-exclusive and royalty-free worldwide licence to use such content (subject to editing and formatting to reflect Exceptional EA’s and Shelagh Donnelly’s style standards) without limitation on this website and on social media, as well as in training presentations and collective works including, but not limited to, print/electronic book publication(s).

Shelagh Donnelly/Exceptional EA reserve the right to edit comments for style, formatting, spelling, grammar and compilation of commonly expressed views. Exceptional EA/Shelagh Donnelly reserve the right to delete any comment deemed objectionable.

Copyright and republication

Shelagh Donnelly is the sole owner of intellectual property (IP) published on Exceptional EA and in her training and presentation materials. You are welcome to quote brief excerpts from Exceptional EA, with inclusion of the URL/link back to the original source page or post.

Reproduction of Shelagh Donnelly’s intellectual property, including creation of byproduct/derivative works from such resources (other than brief quotations as outlined in the preceding paragraph) without the express written consent of Shelagh Donnelly is prohibited.

Full republication  of pages and/or posts is not permitted without written consent.

Other publications

Shelagh Donnelly also writes for other publications; such freelance work does not impact Exceptional EA’s content.


Please see Exceptional EA’s Privacy page. You’re also welcome to use Exceptional EA’s Contact page.

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