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Weekend Poll: What Do You Look for in A Boss?

May you live in interesting times Are you familiar with this phrase? Some call it a curse, but I call it a fact of life. Think of the changes in office environments in recent months and years. A number of…

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Weekend Poll Results: AI on the Rise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly part of our personal and business lives. Here’s how readers are feeling about that.

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Weekend Poll: Cora, Alexa, Scarlett, Andrew and Google AI: Oh, My!

It’s almost a year since I assembled an international panel of Real Careers alum to consider the impact of digital disruption on assistants’ careers. Since that time, I’ve canvassed readers more than once about the impact of tech advances on…

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Weekend Poll: Are You Ready for a (Digital) Revolution?

I’ve posed this question before, but have you paused to consider that you’re living through an industrial revolution? Does this inspire or intimidate you? Or, perhaps, it’s simply a fact of life. We’re in the midst of the Fourth Industrial…

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