Isle of Skye

Where is the Isle of Skye, you ask? It’s one of the Inner Hebrides, a series of islands and rocky reefs off Scotland’s west coast.

36 of the islands are inhabited and Skye, which is the largest, has a population of just over 10,000.  It stretches roughly 80 kilometers or 50 miles along the country’s coast.

Portree is the island’s capital, and it’s only 1,134 kilometers/705 miles from Reykjavik, Iceland. Its latitude is 57.4125° N, compared to 59.9139° N for Oslo and 55.7558° N for Moscow.

Why visit Skye? Well, for starters, I’m one of those people the Visit Scotland website refers to as having ancestral connections to the island; I grew up hearing about my MacDonald Clanranald heritage on one side of the family. That’s reason enough but, the more I began to explore potential for a visit to Skye, the more I learned about its geological treasures and beautiful landscape.

Check back soon, as I’ll be visiting the Isle of Skye early this Spring.

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