How to be productive and effective

… adding value during this most unusual time in your career


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The year 2020 will likely go down as the most unusual of your career – or at least we can hope that future years will be a little less disruptive! The COVID-19 pandemic has seen even the best assistants functioning in a reactive – rather than proactive – mode on occasion. Whether you’ve been working from home or in the office, you’ve likely also been working through more than a few distractions.

Especially in times such as these, there are aspects of your career that are beyond control. What you can control is how you manage yourself and your relations. Your choices can positively impact your productivity, and the effectiveness with which you support your colleagues and organisation.

If you’re ready to regain some control in these pandemic times, join Shelagh to reflect and prepare to reset your 2020.

Key learning points
  1. Reset your 2020: controlling what you can so that you add value
  2. Self management, whether in the office or working remotely
  3. Relationship management
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