Systems and Strategies for Effective Support of Multiple Committees

available for delivery in person and by webinar

If you’d like to attend this course by webinar,  click here for Shelagh’s Eventbrite page to check for the next scheduled offering. If you’re planning professional development for your colleagues or association and would like Shelagh to tailor this presentation for your group, click here to drop Shelagh a note.

This course

Even the best of us may struggle at times to stay on top of the workload associated with meetings, which are just one element of an assistant’s responsibilities. They represent an important element, though. Your capacity to prepare and circulate/publish accurate, effective agendas, agenda packages and minutes in a timely manner impacts perceptions and your professional reputation.

If you’re supporting more than one committee or body, the challenges are multiplied, as you may face competing priorities. Whether you find yourself struggling to manage this aspect of your workload in a timely manner, or would simply like to continue to hone your organisational skills on this front, this webinar will help you.

Shelagh spent much of her career organising and recording meetings. For the last decade of that career, she supported a board of directors with exacting standards and high expectations. It was not uncommon for Shelagh to coordinate, attend and record 30+ committee meetings in addition to distinct sessions/agenda packages on each of seven annual board meeting dates and for annual retreats. This was in addition to all the communications, research, policy work, onboarding and other aspects of her role.

To keep her head above water and maintain credibility, Shelagh developed and introduced systems and practices that helped her stay on top of her workload. Whether you record meetings for one body or a handful of them, these practices can help you become increasingly efficient – and the different stakeholders who contribute to or participate in your meetings will also benefit!

Key learning points

1. Efficiencies: systems and templates to help you schedule and produce deliverables in a timely manner (Shelagh has prepared templates – annual calendars and work plans, briefing notes for agenda submissions, and more – for you to download and adapt to your environment)

2. Communicating and collaborating effectively with multiple chairs and stakeholders

3. How to assert and prioritise your needs in order to get the job done


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