Less is More: Elevating Your Minutes

available for delivery in person and by webinar

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This course

While recording standards have evolved, one thing hasn’t changed: many assistants are uncomfortable with the task, or uncertain about getting minutes right. In other instances, assistants confidently carry on with past practices, thinking they’re delivering what their organisations need – even though expectations and standards have evolved with business needs.

Meeting participants want concise, accurate information, and the organisation needs relevant records. In addition, there are other parties who may potentially read your minutes over time. All these considerations mean you need to distinguish between what should and shouldn’t be recorded.

Shelagh can help you elevate the quality of your minutes with well-placed confidence when it comes to this important aspect of your role. You can anticipate discussion of purpose, accessibility, context and organisational needs. We’ll also look at the recorder’s neutrality, how best to record resolutions, and the art of attribution.

Key learning points

1. Identify and reflect stakeholders’ needs

2. Neutrality, and what you should and shouldn’t record

3. Build well-placed confidence that your recording practices have evolved with the times, resulting in concise, relevant minutes


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