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This course

Have you been wondering about best practices for LinkedIn? Perhaps you’ve published the bones of a profile but hesitated to go beyond the basics … or to use it at all.

Many people have traditionally thought of LinkedIn primarily as a means of identifying one’s professional experience and skills. It was seen as a resource that might come in handy if you were actively looking for a new role. LinkedIn does afford opportunities for resume development and job searches, yet there’s more.

This is also a platform through which you can build and nurture professional networks and your professional image. Whether you think in terms of image, reputation or brand, this is a means of increasing visibility and demonstrating how you add value.

Today, with remote working an option for many, it’s more relevant than ever to learn how you can take advantage of this resource. Join Shelagh to explore why you may want to create or hone your LinkedIn profile, and how. We’ll also look at LinkedIn as a job search tool, and as a medium through which you can nurture networks and elevate your reputation and visibility.

Key learning points

1. Why and how you may want to establish and hone your LinkedIn profile

2. LinkedIn as a tool to engage with and nurture professional networks

3. Job searches and LinkedIn’s Resume Assistant


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