Onboarding New Directors

available for delivery in person and by webinar

If you’d like to attend this course by webinar,  click here for Shelagh’s Eventbrite page to check for the next scheduled offering. If you’re planning professional development for your colleagues or association and would like Shelagh to tailor this presentation for your group, click here to drop Shelagh a note.

This course

The days of welcoming a new director with a handshake, a parking pass and a manual are hopefully long gone. Just as governance and the expectations of directors continue to evolve, so too should onboarding practices.

The care you invest in the design and delivery of your onboarding program can make a new director feel welcome. It also generates dividends in terms of directors’ capacity to hit the ground running. Directors benefit just as much from a good sense of board and organizational culture as they do from clarity on budgets, committees, strategic planning and sectoral challenges and opportunities.

Your onboarding program needs to accommodate both experienced and novice directors and, depending on the organization, appointed and elected directors. This session will include discussion of management’s role in the process, a focus on cybersecurity practices as an element of onboarding, pacing the process and shared responsibilities associated with board mentorship.

Key learning points

1. Adding value in times of increased accountability

2. Mentoring and other key elements of an effective onboarding program

3. How to pace your onboarding so you don’t overload new board members/directors


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