Presence and Influence: Lessons from the Org Chart

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About this session

You’re skilled, knowledgeable, and committed to high performance. You work alongside influential people, and you’re influential yourself. Whether or not your position in the organisation is identified as a leadership role, we don’t need titles in order to lead and be influential.

That said, perceptions matter. When we want our colleagues and stakeholders to perceive and turn to us as leaders, we can take a cue from people who hold prominent positions on the org chart. While it may seem as though the leaders we admire come by their influence and accomplishments naturally, that’s often a reflection of an intentional approach to people and to success. Charisma and confidence play their parts in leadership, yet those who wield influence also typically invest care and effort in developing other key characteristics.

Each of us can accomplish more, and elevate the extent to which we’re recognised as leaders, when we’re intentional in our approach. We can build confidence through a focus on skills associated with leadership. This impacts our professional presence and our reputation, and can help us to establish or hone our personal brand. Whether or not a position or job description carries formal authority, there’s always opportunity to further develop and exercise our leadership traits – traits that can positively impact both your career and your workplace.

Key learning objectives

1. Leadership: style, substance and emotional intelligence

2. Credibility and presence: confidence and self-promotion

3. Honing your personal brand

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