Project management

available for delivery in person and by webinar

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This course

If you’re like many assistants, you may have been involved in project management for years without identifying it as such. As a result, assistants often miss out on including such skills and experience on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

If you’re already delivering on this front, then it’s only logical that you’ll want your employer to recognise your project management skills – and some of that comes down to you being able to talk the talk. You need to understand and apply professional terminology to your contributions.

If you’ve not been involved in project management to this point, this is your opportunity to identify and hone an additional skill set. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting demand for some of the skills you deployed pre-pandemic; just think of impacts to travel and meetings.

This is a time to identify and articulate how you impact your organisation’s success. Understanding project management and recognised principles can help you continue to add value in these times of change.

Join Shelagh for a user-friendly look at terminology that applies to what you’ve been doing -or can do – to add additional value. This webinar will help you hone an increasingly relevant skill set, beginning with an understanding of the project management framework.

Key learning points

1. What constitutes a project?

2. Understanding and applying the project management framework

2. Project management terminology and processes

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