Risk management

available for delivery in person and by webinar

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This course

Risk management is increasingly critical, and not only in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emerging risks and the pace of change are such that boards and leadership teams everywhere need to prioritise risk management. Assistants who invest time in understanding the language and principles of risk management differentiate themselves and add value.

We’ll take a look at enterprise risk management (ERM), a strategic business discipline that can make a difference in your organisation’s ability to execute on its strategic plan. Well executed, ERM can support informed decision making. It reflects a series of processes established in order to manage risks. There’s also integrated risk management (IRM), and Shelagh will explain both ERM and IRM.

Shelagh will walk you through risk processes and the respective roles that employees, management and the board hold in an organisation’s risk management. We’ll explore different types of risks as well as terminology such as risk appetite, ownership and tolerance before moving on to internal controls, internal audit and mitigation strategies.

As we discuss the balancing of risks and returns, we’ll also look at risk monitoring and tools such as risk registers and heat maps. Shelagh will provide you a clear, elevated understanding of risk management’s role in your organisation’s success.

Key learning points
  1. Risk management terminology
  2. Enterprise risk management (ERM) and integrated risk management (IRM)
  3. Introduction to risk management tools


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