Delegates’ Resources

Smart you, having attended my conference presentation!

This page contains additional resources for people who have attended one of my presentations.

For some conferences, you’ll have access to my materials through the conference portal. For others, shown below, click on the name of the conference session you attended to proceed to a password-protected page with additional resources.


Resources are specific to the conference you attended

You (and, for many of you,  your employer) invest time and resources in committing to a conference. That’s why I create a unique resource page for each of my presentations. These resources are intended solely for the people who made such investments and participated in a given conference.


Be sure to listen – these resources are password protected

You wouldn’t share a password in writing, would you? At the end of my presentation, I’ll tell you the password specific to that presentation. Then, when you’re back at home or in the office, you can use it to tap into these resources at your convenience!

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