Exceptional EA


Public Speaking: Learn from Some of the Best

Study and emulate the best, without ever losing sight of yourself. Picture yourself in a room alongside hundreds of others listening to a former President such as Bill Clinton or Vincente Fox wax eloquently about a significant issue. Or perhaps…

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Exceptional EA: A Little Milestone, and Progress Ahead

Exceptional EA turns a month old today, and I’m writing with thanks and a repeat welcome to all my early readers. With an intent to build a solid base of posts before sharing news of the blog with friends and…

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Deconstructing Your Minutes

Yesterday, I spoke of the “less is more” philosophy, and the attributes of architect Mies van der Rohe’s work. Applying those attributes to our world, I invited Assistants to think of your minutes as radiating “the confidence, rationality, and elegance…

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Journaling as Career Development

Finding and validating your career direction through journaling … Do you enjoy your job? If you’re one of the fortunate who is fully satisfied with your career as it is today, good on you. You’re likely someone who consciously or…

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