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What makes a good boss?

Today, I’m taking readers back to the results of my 2018 Weekend Poll on the topic – and you can watch for the 2019 iteration of this particular poll in the near future!

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Weekend Poll: How Do You Stay On Top of Your Game in 2019?

Professional development can take many forms. It’s a question of choice and resources. In my last Weekend Poll, we focused on conferences. This time, we’re looking at a range of options including credit courses, continuing education, conferences, online resources such as this website, and other forms of self-directed learning.

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A thought for your day, featuring photography from my travels. This shot: wisteria at Vancouver’s Van Dusen Botanical Garden

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Bettina Wemanis is Coming to Real Careers

For my next Real Careers interview, I’ll bring you insights from Bettina Wemanis of Stockholm, Sweden

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