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Weekend Poll Results: The Well-Read Assistant

You may want to nab a good cup of coffee (or perhaps a chilled beverage!) as you pore through the results of my latest Weekend Poll … and be prepared to add to your reading lists! I asked readers what books…

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Weekend Poll: What Are You Reading this Summer?

Each year, I invite you to share your book recommendations with fellow readers around the globe. I’ve resolved the survey form glitch, so you can easily contribute your suggestions.

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Weekend Poll Results: Summer 2017 Reading Recommendations

A June 30/17 update: Readers continue to offer suggestions on my LinkedIn networks, and so I’ve today updated the lists of titles and authors. Enjoy! With thanks to all who participated, here are the results of my latest weekend poll. Our focus: What…

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Weekend Poll: Your Summer 2017 Reading Recommendations

Summer has officially begun! I know that readers in some parts of the globe have already been experiencing significant sunshine and warm temperatures. In some regions, the effects have been devastating. In others, the heat has simply been too intense for comfort…

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