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Weekend Poll Results: Career Satisfaction in 2018

I asked, and you answered! Here’s a look at the state of assistants’ career satisfaction in 2018 … including your peers’ insights on what you can do to enhance yours.

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Weekend Poll: Are You Satisfied with Your Career?

On the heels of recent Weekend Polls on workaholics and life-work balance, it’s time for my third annual poll on whether you’re able to give your career a thumbs up.

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Weekend Poll Results: Career Satisfaction in 2017

Assistants typically focus on others’ needs, and ensuring their satisfaction. Last weekend, for the second consecutive year, I turned the lens around to explore how things are working out for you. Our focus: How satisfied with your career are you at this…

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Weekend Poll: Can You Give the Current State of Your Career a Thumbs Up?

In last weekend’s poll, we focused on work-life balance. This week, while our friends in the US are celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday, I think it’s a good time to extend the theme and see how readers are feeling about the…

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