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Weekend Poll Results: Grammar and business writing

Do you consistently proofread your work? That’s one of the questions I asked readers in a recent Weekend Poll. I also asked about how consistently you proofread different types of work, including minutes and emails. For some, the answer depends…

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Weekend Poll: A Call for Nominations to Shelagh’s 2022 Business Writing Faux Pas Hall of Fame

I’m creating a 2022 Business Writing Faux Pas Hall of Fame … with the best of intentions! Last month, I enjoyed spending time on Prince Edward Island (PEI) with members of Canada’s Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP). In one of my…

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Weekend Poll Results: From A Great Upheaval to The Great Reshuffle

How people are doing In a Weekend Poll a few weeks ago, I again asked readers questions about how and what you’re doing at this point in our pandemic lives. I published some of the results late last month, and…

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How workplace communications are evolving

How do you typically communicate with colleagues? If I’d asked you this question a couple of years ago, you’d likely have mentioned a mix of communication styles. A majority of you may have held most conversations or communications with your…

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