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Weekend Poll: 2018 Office, Network Holiday Parties

Welcome to December! Ironically, even as I tapped these words out on my keyboard, a hummingbird just whirled around one of the hanging baskets outside our dining room window. If your world is anything like mine, November doubtless whirled past…

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Weekend Poll: The State of Performance Management in 2018

The week before last, I asked readers about the qualities they value in their principals, aka bosses. Your responses affirmed the importance of being provided feedback – on a regular basis, and in a balanced manner. People can work with critiques…

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Weekend Poll: Goal Setting for 2018

While some readers may be luxuriating in tropical locales, many of us are well and truly already in the thick of things back at our respective offices. Now that the majority of readers are back to (or approaching) routine once…

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Weekend Poll Results: December 2017 Corporate Parties

With thanks to all my readers who are participating in my Weekend Polls feature, here are your responses to my question: How do you manage event planning for the 2017 holiday season? More than half the respondents have begun their plans:  A total of 51% of…

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