Exceptional EA


Speaking Truth to Power: Exceptional EA Encore

If you have access to those in positions of authority, you do them a service by thoughtfully speaking truth to power. What does this mean to you?  The phrase speaking truth to power received broad attention in 1955, when Quakers in…

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Exceptional EA’s Lens: A Morning at the Beach

A warm Spring day, sand and the ocean. All set against the backdrop of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains. Does it get any better? It does! Kick off your shoes when the tide is out, as it was late this morning,…

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Exceptional EA’s Lens: Springtime in Vancouver

Take a walk through Vancouver with me by selecting or clicking on any of the images below to open today’s gallery. Having spent almost half the past month in other locales, it’s a treat to return to the abundance of…

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How to Empower Others

Building a network, or community of practice, is somewhat akin to building bridges – bridges that empower and enable you and your colleagues to work your way through obstacles and barriers in pursuit of shared goals. In the spirit of…

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