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Approaching Your Next Performance Review? Read this.

Performance reviews are the norm for most  For the majority of assistants who responded to my Weekend Poll,  performance evaluations are a cultural norm. That’s what 80% of you said. Sixteen percent said the process exists in theory, while the…

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Alicia Álvarez: Career Insights from Spain

For this week’s Real Careers interview, I’m talking with Alicia Álvarez, who lives in Zizur Mayor, near Pamplona, Spain. Alicia is an Executive Assistant at Berry Superfos. She joined the company in 1997 and, unlike many, has worked in her…

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Life lessons from a pandemic

Some background Ever since my first COVID-related article and Weekend Poll, which I drafted in late February 2020 and published a couple of days later, assistants and association leaders have responded any time I’ve asked for insights on business continuity…

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One of Those Days – reflections on this second day of June

I’ve just had one of those days ..

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