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Some great resources you should explore

Professional development is key to success in this career. There are a number of resources in which assistants can invest, and there are also some stellar resources that will cost you nothing but time and openness to learning.

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Where Will You Find Me This Week?

Brr! Certainly not in this chilly environment, nor on a tropical beach – however tempting the latter may be in January. I’m at home in Vancouver, working away on my upcoming book, and you’ll also find me on the cover of the newest issue of Executive Secretary Magazine! Here, some updates on my latest articles for Lucy Brazier and for other publications.

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What Are You Doing this Weekend?

I’ll be flying to England, as I’ll be the keynote speaker at a couple of training events organised by Victoria Darragh and EPAA, The Executive & Personal Assistants Association. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with some great people in…

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Webathon Weekend: Top Value Professional Development, Supporting a Terrific Cause

Difficult times can bring out the best in people, and that’s what’s happening around the globe right now. About Vickie Sokol Evans Fellow trainer Vickie Sokol Evans, who is recognised as the leading Microsoft trainer, is fighting curable, stage two…

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