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Halloween Fun, Vancouver Style: A Few Videos from Canada

I hope that those of you who celebrate Halloween had a great time yesterday – and thought I’d show you a bit of Vancouver at this time of year. Here are a few videos; if you’d like to see more,…

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Trick or Treat: Weekend Poll Results

Readers know that my Weekend Polls typically focus on career-related matters. Occasionally, as with this past weekend, we turn to other topical matters. This weekend’s focus: Do you celebrate Halloween? No assumptions: With readers in more than a hundred countries, I didn’t…

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Weekend Poll: Do You Celebrate Halloween?

Fall is is in the air, and Halloween is close at hand. While long prominent in North America, it seems that Halloween gains even more momentum each year as an occasion to be marked by adults as well as little…

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(Almost) Everything You Want to Know About Travel Planning

There’s definitely something in the air around our neighbourhood this week – and on peoples’ lawns, where ghoulish creatures may be seen arising from carefully crafted front lawn “cemeteries”.  Faux skeletons are flaunting their style, and glow-in-the-dark cobwebs with giant…

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