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Weekend Poll Results: Let the Holiday Countdown Begin

Admin. professionals around the globe are gearing up for some well deserved year-end breaks. Here are the results of my latest weekend poll, in which I asked:  Are you dreaming of being home for the holidays? Busy, busy … While the great majority of…

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Weekend Poll: Are You Dreaming of Being Home for the Holidays?

… or, at least, winding things down in the office for 2016? As we’re already into the second week of December, I’ve begun thinking about how I’ll enjoy some down time over the coming holidays. That leads to this weekend’s question: Will you take a…

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Weekend Poll: Have You Begun Gearing Up for the Holidays?

Happy December, everyone! We’re in the home stretch of 2016, and the holidays are fast approaching. If you’re like me, you’ve already got some holiday socials in your calendar for next week. This leads me to this weekend’s poll … Have…

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Weekend Poll: Do You Read for Knowledge or Pleasure on Your Own Time?

Being well informed is critical to success in the office, and it seems many of us undertake research or regularly review industry/sector journals as a routine function of our roles. This weekend, I’m wondering about your reading interests away from the office … When…

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